Tin Gods

It was a world much like our own…

…That is to say until the turn of the 20th century, when a vengeful Inventor named Nikola Tesla discovered the Cosmic Solution, the secret to Super Powers, using the Cosmic Solution on himself he was initially upset at the lack of results, until that is, when he got what should have been a lethal shock from one of his inventions. Somehow he had managed to imbue himself with control of Electricity and attacked his long time rival Thomas Edison. Although Thomas Edison seemed to be on a one way train to the morgue, Tesla was stopped thanks to the intervention of The Modern Marvel, an agent sent by the Government outfitted with a series of inventions recovered from Tesla’s own lab. Somewhat tragically Tesla was taken down by his prized invention the Teleforce.

Although Dead, the story did not end there, Tesla’s works lived on through his research which was mysteriously confiscated before his will could be read. Where the notes went is no mystery, since Meta-Human Soldiers started popping up in wars. Many were common grunts with only slightly enhanced abilities, others were far more powerful, their names still are spoken of in awe, names like Triumph, the Inevitable, Kami, and the nameless but still notorious 13 Spectres of London Town or as they were later known in the Cold War Spooks of MI-13.

Alongside the unveiling of the Cosmic Solution, a miraculous thing happened in the late 60s. Houdini, having been dead for 42 years escaped Death itself, unfortunately he did not escape clean, something followed him. Unknown to the famed Escape Artist, by escaping the veil he had lead the way back to the land of the living for the Ancient Ones, a race of Gods who had once enslaved Humanity during the Age of Leo before the dawn of civilization. When they were banished from this world so too was all the Magical Winds of the world. With the return of the Ancients so too have the Winds returned, and many were all too willing to become thrall to the old Gods in return for access to twisted powers and Dark Rituals.

The Ascension of scientist and philosopher Carl Sagan to a higher plane of existence in the late 80s was proof for some of intelligent life elsewhere in the Galaxy. And the Alien Invasion during the mid 90s confirmed it beyond a shadow of a doubt. It was almost considered common place when certain individuals began to claim they had received extraterrestrial visits that left them with strange and unbelievable Powers, but than again the world was already in the Second Age of Heroes by then.

The year is now 2013, the beginning of the Third Age of Heroes, while once there were only a few to don the cape and cowl and fight in the name of Justice, now every city has a few dozen heroes. Not all are shinning examples, many are prey to the same vices and personal demons that plague the common man. By now Super Heroes are a part of every day life, followed with almost the same awe and hatred as celebrities. The public has seen both the best and worst Meta-Humans have to offer, and it seems the status quo will be maintained… for now.

But what’s the worse that can happen? After all you’re Superheroes…

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