Tin Gods

Starforge's Log

Episode 4: A New Hope

I can’t believe it….

I mean, I feel like I should be jumping up and down on my bed like a preteen girl invited to a Beibertron concert but honestly… I just feel numb. Terrified, really.

Guess I should get to the point: I have an opportunity to join the Savior Society.

You know, the thing I’ve been fantasizing about since they formed it? I remember reading Paradigm #4 when it first hit the stands. In the last pages of him standing over the wreckage of the secret cultist temple and declaring “The world needs to be saved… but not even I can save it alone.” and feeling my heart beat faster as I realized the implications. The greatest heroes the world has ever known, working together to save us all. Even though I had no idea that I’d grow up to be a hero, I wanted so hard to be at Paradigm’s side. But now that its here…

I have to wonder again if Vern was right. Am I really worthy of… any of this?

I’ll start at the beginning.

As you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time busting up a gun ring in Gannoth, keeping the weapons off the streets. Its good work. Not terribly challenging, but after Vern went Event Horizon and threatened to destroy the city unless I gave him my powers, I figured I deserved a break from the Super Villains of the area. Get in, beat the bad guys, call the cops, get out in time to catch six hours of sleep before class tomorrow.

But this time was different.

For one thing, there were hostages. I dropped right in on them, which was lucky. I freed them. Though one of the thugs almost managed to alert the others, I managed to pin him well enough.

But that’s where things got weird. As I went into the next room, I saw a woman wearing a cloak. She seemed to be a Hero too, but wasn’t particularly talkative

Then… the idiot showed up.

I had created a perfectly good, perfectly repairable hole in the wall. And he had to crash through and make his own. But he seemed pretty strong, so there’s that. We made short work of the thugs. And quickly found out that an old timer had beat us all there: the Flying Fist.

I could never really get into his title. I mean, its kinda a cool concept but its also… just a little creepy. I mean. His fists literally fly. On their own. and you can see the meat and bone and euhgh…..

It was about that time that the big league heroes started showing up…

(To Be Continued)



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