Blake Hetchings

"I'm not a Spook, I'm a Spectre"


Known Abilities:
-Able to lower body temperature to subzero levels
-Minor Weather Control (Fog, light rain, etc)
-Immunity to all diseases
-Immunity to all poisons
-Immunity to the aging process
-Doesn’t require food, water, or air
-Inhuman speed and strength


C.A.P.E. Flagged Treat with Extreme Caution

Blake Hetchings is the only member of the ‘13 Spectres of London Town’ to not participate in the cabal known as the ‘Spooks of MI-13’. He is also considered to be the least powerful member of the thirteen Meta-Humans to emerge from the Blue Skies Initiative. Interrogations of Hetchings has revealed that this is due to his unwillingness to sacrifice his humanity. Implying that lack of conscience is directly proportional to the abilities of the Spook/Spectre.

Although Blake Hetchings has never given the global community a reason to be mistrustful of him, his mere kinship to the Spooks is enough to keep him under close surveillance. In the years since the end of WWII, Blake has become an expert in the Cosmic Solution, trying to understand his condition better.

After the cabal was revealed, Blake worked to redeem himself by taking part in Task Force: New Dawn. However after the Task Force was scrapped in 93, Blake was detained at a military installation in Edinburgh for the next three years. During the Arachneri Invasion in 96, Blake Hetchings was released to help defend Queen Elizabeth who was entrenched at Edinburgh Castle. Hetchings, famously saved the Queen’s life when a stray Arachneri broke through the ranks and into the inner sanctum.

Following the events of the Arachneri Invasion, Queen Elizabeth declared Blake Hetchings her personal adviser in all matters relating to the Cosmic Solution. He has stayed in the roll ever since, offering counsel to the monarch when needed. Since Blake’s addition to Her Majesty’s advisers, the Queen has taken a greater interest in the Cosmic Solution. Throwing her delicate political clout into making sure the Cosmic Solution isn’t abused by the U.K. and its allies.

Blake Hetchings

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