Clarine Demetrius

Takes to the streets as Delphi, a hooded vigilante with a bone to pick.


Clarine Demetrius

Age: 29
Hair: Light Blonde, cut short
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 135 lbs

Originally, Clarine was a member of a legacy police family, third generation officer. Her father had been a police commander, her mother had been in the Army, and her paternal grandfather was Police Chief in Ganoth Central many years ago.

Clarine was a detective, and an uncommonly good one at that. She seemed on her way to a fairly normal existence; grow up, get a great job doing something you’re great at, get married, pop some kids, regret you popped some kids, retire, and die.

It was her fiance and her own’s sense of justice that ended up screeching the Normal Train to a halt. Owen had long believed that there was a corruption, a leak in Ganoth Central Police Department that had been leading to botched arrest attempts, false tips, and wounded cops all over. His insistence that there be an in-depth investigation of the Department did not go over well.

He was assigned the worst shifts, the killer night beats in areas of town best suited for violence and unsolved happenings. Clarine stood by him as best she could, even joining him for his own shifts to watch his back, as his partner seemed to always be called in for ‘additional training’ on these nights.

Clarine Demetrius

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