Gun Metal


Real Name: Roger Davis
Identity: Public ID

Gender: Male
Age: 29
Size: Medium
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 2.8 Tons
Hair: None
Eyes: 1 Glowing Red, 1 Hazel

Power Level: 10
Power Points: 150

STR: 30 (10/-2)
DEX: 20 (5/-2)
CON: 30 (10/1)
INT: 14 (2)
WIS: 12 (1)
CHA: 12 (1)

Attack 10 (Melee 10, Ranged 10) [Unarmed +10 (Bruise)]
Defense 10 (5 flat-footed)
Initiative 9

Toughness 10 (10 flat-footed)
Fortitude 10
Reflex 5
Will 4

Acrobatics 4 (9)
Bluff (1)
Climb 4 (14)
Computers 4 (6)
Concentration (1)
Craft (2)
Diplomacy (1)
Disable Device (2)
Disguise (1)
Drive (5)
Escape Artist (5)
Gather Info (1)
Handle Animal (1)
Intimidate 8 (9)
Investigate (2)
Knowledge (2)
Medicine (1)
Notice 6 (7)
Perform (1)
Pilot (5)
Profession (1)
Ride (5)
Search 6 (8)
Sense Motive (1)
Sleight of Hand (5)
Stealth 4 (9)
Survival (1)
Swim (10)


Eidetic Memory
Endurance (1)
Improved Aim
Improved Initiative (1)
Improvised Tools
Instant Up
Precise Shot (2)
Quick Draw (1)

Blast 10 (sonic screamer attachment; Power Feats: Alternate Power—Nauseate 10 Extras: Ranged; Flaws: Action—Full Action)
Datalink 1 (10 ft.)
Enhanced Constitution 18
Enhanced Dexterity 14
Enhanced Strength 24
Immunity 4 (cold, heat, no need to breathe)
Leaping 3 (200 ft.)
Speed 4 (100 MPH)
Super-Senses 3 (danger sense, infravision, radio)
Super-Strength 2 (Heavy Load: 3 tons)

Base Move: 30 ft/60 ft/120 ft
Leaping: 200 ft/100 ft/50 ft
Speed: 900 ft (100 mph)

Light: 1.1 tons, Med: 2.1 tons, Heavy: 3.2 tons
Max: 6.4 tons, Push: 16 tons

Noticeable: Enhanced Constitution (Cyborg Body) [UC: DC 15] [Min: DC 5]

Abilities 2 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 11 + Powers 86 + Combat 40 + Saves 3 – Drawbacks -1 = 150 / 150


“In war, who really pays the price? Is it the government who shills out the coin that pays for the guns and bullets and tanks? No. They’re just footing the bills. How ‘bout those who die in the conflict on either sides? Nah. What do they care, they’re dead. Then is it the families that they leave behind? Psh. What do they know? They don’t know the price of war until it beats them in the face and takes from them everything they ever had. No. The ones who pay the price of war are those who come back with nothing left but the skin on their backs. And sometimes, not even that.”
-Sgt. Roger Davis, A.K.A. Gun Metal.

Roger Davis was born to Ezekiel and Martha Davis in 1976, in one of the “less affluent” neighborhoods of Detroit. Ezekiel worked in the Ford factory, on the assembly line, and Martha worked at a local diner. He had a normal childhood and regular drunken beatings from his father kept Davis from getting into much trouble.

In 1994, after high school, with few prospects other than the factories, Davis decided to join the army. He reasoned that with Paragon patrolling the skies the army would not have much to do, and he could put in his 30 years the army and retire with a good pension. Little over a year later, Paragon sacrificed his life and less than after that, the Arachneri attacked. Davis’ unit was one of the first to engage with the Arachneri. They took heavy casualties. Davis, one of the few survivors, suffered from major wounds and was sent to the army hospital, where he was given into the care of Dr. Hugo Weizmann, a specialist in the “improvement” of the human body. Instead of attempting to restore his body to the way it was before (a procedure Davis would likely not have survived), Dr. Weizmann built Davis a mechanical cyborg body capable of combating the Arachneri. Davis returned to the battlefield as a member of the resistance, under the code name Gun Metal.

After the war, Davis demanded that the army return him to his original body but Dr. Weizmann informed him that the conversion back to a natural body was impossible at this point. Bitter and angry, Davis left the army and attempted to return to his parents’ home in Detroit, only to find that his parents had died in the war and that even the home he grew up in no longer existed. Alone, he decided to leave Detroit with its memories and head for a different life somewhere new.

Davis moved to Ganoth Central and began looking for work. With little work to be had already, it was difficult for the metal man to find paying work that was not as a day laborer. He finally found a job working as a security guard at a bank in the financial district of the city. Every day he would see the wealthy, “normal” people walk in and out of the bank, see the looks of fear or disgust that they would give him and hate them for it. He had given everything he had so that they could be happy, and what did they give him in return. Years rolled by and the resentment and anger continued building inside of him. Finally, in 2011, after nearly a decade and a half of suffering in silence, he snapped. He robbed the bank he had work at for years.

He dropped the name Roger Davis in favor of one that better described him, the him he was no. He assumed the name Gun Metal and began a full time life of crime and it felt great. He was in control of his own life now. No more father, telling him what to do. No more rich bank patrons, talking about him behind his back. No more army, telling him who to fight and when. No more Dr. Weizmann… Dr. Weizmann. The only person left who had control over him. The person who had done this to him. Gun Metal searched out the old doctor, now nearing his late 70s, and murdered him in cold blood. Free. He was finally free of all constraints.

Gun Metal’s reign of terror over Ganoth City was finally ended by Honor, who deactivated him and put him into the custody of C.A.P.E. His whereabouts are currently undisclosed.

Gun Metal

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