Junior Agent Nathaniel West

"Although not overly athletic or smart, Nathaniel is good honest and hardworking. You tell me, do you think being honest and being good are traits we look for in Senior Agents?" -Nathaniel West's senior officer


Type: Human

Stocky build but slightly overweight, slightly receding light brown hair that has just started to go grey. An earnest look about him, he strikes almost everyone he meets as level headed and reliable.


Nathaniel West was partners to Delphi back before she had left the force. When she did leave Nathaniel almost left with her, however had responsibilities at home he couldn’t ignore. After Clarine left there was a lot of unrest in the precinct. Nathaniel ended up with a good deal in the end, in order to smooth any hurt feelings Nathaniel might have had towards the force, Lieutenant Fairchild promoted Nathaniel to Sergeant.

The promotion put Nathaniel into a position where his normal diligence towards work really shined. It was not long before various interested parties considered promoting him out of his precinct. The Commissioner wanted him to take charge of a particularly dicey precinct in the Barrow. The Mayor wanted him in a cushy job in charge of a station in Ganoth Central’s Financial District. However it was C.A.P.E. who ended up luring Nathaniel West to their ranks. They were interested in his apparent leadership skills, hoping to use him in a strategic capacity. Figuring out ways to allocate resources. However it became abundant very clearly, that Nathaniel didn’t have the stomache for espionage. Not officially demoted but relegated to menial paperwork and basic tactical commands, an unfortunate misstep in what could have been a wonderful career.

Although he’s wary of Clarine asking questions that dance the line of National Security all the time, he is willing to help out in whatever way he can. He warns her to be careful about what she says to him, he’s gotten a lot more legally defensive then when he was with the Force. Espionage does that to a person.


Junior Agent Nathaniel West

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