Theological Conclusion: Faith is Earned.


Strength: 10
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: N/A (Construct)
Intelligence: 30
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 10

Toughness: 5 = 0 Constitution 3 Protection + 2 Defensive Roll (Lost with Dodge Bonus)
Fortitude: 7 = 0 Constitution + 7 Base Save
Reflex: 7 = 4 Dexterity + 3 Base Save
Will: 8 = 5 Wisdom + 3 Base Save

Initiative: +3

Attack Bonus: +5
Defense: 17 = 10 + 4 Base Save + 3 Dodge Focus

Skills Ranks (Not including Ability Scores)
Computers +8, Concentration +4, Disable Device +10, Knowledge Current Events +5, Knowledge Theology and Philosophy +6, Knowledge Technology +11

Uncanny Dodge: Hearing
Dodge Focus: 3 Ranks
Defensive Roll: 2 Ranks
Equipment: 5 Ranks


IMMUNITY: Fortitude Effects, unless specifically stated that it affects inanimate objects. (Construct)

MORPH 5 (Incognito Mode): +25 to disguise Flaw- Limited (Only head and neck are affected, Other parts of body remain Android in appearance.)

DATALINK 3: Use of digital devices up to 1000 feet radius.

COMMUNICATION 8: Can communicate via electronic device anywhere on continent. Power Feats- Selective, Subtle

COMPREHEND 2: Understands Any Language, any Machine

COSMIC ENERGY CONTROL 8: Ranged, Standard Action Alternate Power (Force Field 10- Impervious, Ablative)

PROTECTION 3: +3 to Toughness

Handcuffs (3)
Headquarters: 22
Toughness- 15
Size- Colossal
Defense System
Fire Prevention System
Holding Cell
Power(Dimensional Pocket)
Power System
Security System



Seraph is the latest model of the Apostle Scout Unit (ASU), created by the Cloister’s Genesis Machine after the deactivation and death of his predecessor the Grim Monk.

Although his true reason for existing is unknown, it is clear that he is responsible for monitoring Earth at the behest of an unknown Maker. The Grim Monk was far less discriminating in this task, sending copious amounts of potentially compromising data through the Cloister’s computers. Seraph however isn’t as blindly trusting in his Maker’s intentions, choosing to protect his adopted home from a potentially malicious purpose. Even still, he experiences what can only be described as spiritual fulfillment when he transmits observational data on Earth to the Cloister, regardless of any conscious decision on his part due to hard-wiring in his core.

Thanks to his complicated relationship with his Maker he is left in a constant state of spiritual uncertainty, his very life’s meaning constantly being called into question. Due to this constant state of existential crisis, he seeks externally for clarification on moral issues, trusting the judgement of those around him more than his own.


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