"Hangman! Hangman! Who is he for whom you raise the gallows-tree?"


Super Hero (Trinity Class)

Known as the Enforcer of the Savior’s Society

Considered one of the most technically skilled members of the Savior Society, Slip-Knot is known mostly for his capture of Boy Scout leaders who were accused child molesters. For all intents of purposes the Boy Scouts leadership wanted the scandal hidden, but Slipknot controversially killed the accused offenders.

He was inducted into the Savior Society almost immediately following this incident. It was official at the dawn of the Third Heroic Age, but he had been previously hired by the SS to hunt down the Grey Cowl.

Although there has been a lot of negative press surrounding Slip-Knot and his often brutal methods, Paradigm has vehemently defended Slip-Knot. Praising him as the Defender of the Society’s Honor.


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