Age: 18
Hair: Black, long, and unruly
Eyes: Red
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 155 lbs

His hands shake, eyes begin to glow a deeper shade of red, and the room slowly starts to heat up, “No, not now!” He rises from his chair as he regrets having shown up for class today when the pit of his belly begins to swell with that all too familiar feeling. “Havok!” yells the man at the front of the room, “Sit down and start your test!”

“Get bent Ferguson.”
“Havok so help me god if you don’t sit down right now-” but it was too late, he had already run out the door…

Dashing through the halls of Unity High, Matt Havok finds himself in a race against time. He runs and he runs, trying to get out of the area as fast as possible while the savage heat builds inside him, manifesting itself in short bursts of flame sputtering from his body in random directions. The halls are empty as the students remain locked in their rooms during study hall, unaware that they could easily be set ablaze at any given moment. The fire builds inside him, roaring and raging, forcing its way out, "I’m not gonna make it!’ the sudden realization striking Matt as he runs full force at the north building’s window off the third floor. With a mighty leap he shatters the window and dives out, hoping to land in the deep end of the school’s large pool. But in the middle of his fall, as his body descends through the air, he unleashes a loud scream followed by a violent explosion of fire. The pool beneath him lays empty, the water evaporated instantly as he falls on the hard ground, and several windows of the nearby building have been shattered and blown away. Matt lays there looking up at the sky, the hot, wet, air filling his lungs as he rises with a cough and brushes himself off, “Ya’ try and have a normal day and this is what ya’ get. Ah well, screw this.” He reaches into his pocket and brings a cigarette to his lips, snaps his fingers, and half of it is burned away while he smokes the rest on his way back home.

1. What your SuperHero name?

2. What’s your real name? What did your parents call you?
Matt Havok

3. Do you have an Alternate Identity? Or do you isolate yourself completely when you’re not stalking the streets?
Yes, Matt has no desire to be a hero but he dons the guise of Hazard to keep attention off himself as much as possible. The costume is a hodgepodge of old stage clothes designed by pyrotechnics experts and is easy enough to don on the fly.

4. What’s your power(s)?
Hellfire Control, or lack thereof really, it depends how you look at it. Hazard is gifted/cursed with the power of unbelievably intense flames that are clearly not of this world. The unbearable heat not only burns the flesh but leaves the soul scarred with horrible pain. Unfortunately, Hazard’s powers turn him into a walking disaster area as he struggles to keep the raging flames under control. Every now and then, his powers flare up, bursting forward as Hazard is flung into an internal struggle for control and during these episodes nobody is safe. The flames are violent and erratic, activating the power willingly does not guarantee an ally or a random target will not be immersed in a horrible blaze. What’s more, the raging flames make Hazard very unstable, each use of his powers has the very faint chance of triggering a huge explosion that would result in his death and the destruction of everything in the area.

5. How did you get it? Did you become a Meta-Human with the Cosmic Solution? Maybe you seem to just have strange Magical powers? Or perhaps your powers come from the stars, some far off Alien patron saw fit to imbue you with powers far beyond those of your fellow humans?
An ancestor was foolish enough to strike a deal with the Ancient Ones in exchange for his servitude. He later would refuse to hold up his end of the bargain and for that he was brutally killed in a horrible fashion, but not before passing his “gift” down the family line. This resulted in a few cases of superpowers in certain family members, most notably Hazard’s father, a Mesmer who used his powers to climb to rockstardom and aspired to nothing but his own benefit. Hazard’s grandfather is Sagittarius, a venerable ex-hero who taught him to perfect his aim and to have a better grasp on his raging powers…that is before an unfortunate accident resulted in his incineration.

6. How do you feel about your powers? Do you see them as a blessing to help the defenseless, or do you lead a tortured existence of self-hatred?
Hazard’s powers are a cause of great stress to him and his inability to control them brings him a fear and anxiety that is well hidden behind his hotheaded, aggressive, and cocky personality. He believes this world isn’t worth his time and he hates the idea of heroes. There are no heroes as far as he’s concerned, just people putting themselves on display, doing deeds perceived as good to please the public eye that eventually decides how loved or hated that individual is. He is cynical but not beyond helping others. As much as Hazard dislikes heroism, he walks the streets of his rundown neighborhood in Unity City, foiling the numerous muggings and would be murders that plague his town, sometimes resulting in the accidental death of the offender.

7. If you have an Alternate Identity what’s it like? If you have some other arrangement, how do you come by what you need to operate as a Super Hero? Explain your non-hero lives?
Matt Havok is the 18 year old bastard who rides his motorcycle from his decrepit slum to the heart of Unity City to sneak into bars, get into concerts for free due to his connections, and occasionally go to class when the mood strikes him. Generally seen as a punk and a street rat, Matt avoids most people and chooses to focus on either fixing up his bike or hunting down spicy food and alcohol. His pugnacious attitude and big mouth usually land him in fights and conflicts with authority figures…having a short temper doesn’t help. Everything he needs to operate as a “hero” he has at home, from a computer, police radio, and equipment left behind by his father and grandfather.

8. Have you pledged allegiance to something?(Page 118 Mutants and Masterminds)
Ethical Philosophy: If there is anything Hazard hates its cowards and bullies. People who victimize and take advantage of the innocent and are motivated by greed are all scumbags that need to be taught a lesson…one which sometimes goes a little far.

9. What’s your character’s motivation for being a SuperHero? Why do you help those in need? Or is it purely revenge driven?
Hazard helps people because he knows he is a disaster. He knows his curse will be the end of many and eventually himself, but before the death toll climbs too high he wants to save who he can. He has a deadly and harmful power but he wants to do more good with it because he knows there is a lot of bad that inevitably comes with it.

10. Add a hook. It helps when you give me something left intentionally vague or unresolved. (This allows me to fill in the blanks with things from my world, and create a very cool story, a little RP goes a long way. For instance maybe your father was killed ‘under mysterious circumstances’ and leave it at that, that would not only give your character the depth of hunting for his father’s killer, but also allows me to possibly create an entire arc about your father’s killer.)
Hazard’s powers are unstable and insanely potent, this draws the eye of those looking to weaponize him. Be it the government or some Legion of Doom-esque society, they want a living weapon capable of laying waste to armies with a single fiery eruption…and they may have found it.
Honestly I don’t know man, I just kinda came up with that. I think I gave you enough background to work with for this character to make some arc about him even without using the above suggestion. (Which I’m not too crazy about)


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