Wesley Chapman

The Plague Doctor


Dr. Wesley Chapman

Age: 29
Hair: Light Brown, neatly cut
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’1’’
Weight: 145 lbs

Dr. Wesley Chapman grew up the child of a member of London’s Parliament. Relatively wealthy and well educated, Wesley graduated medical school at the top of his class and was quickly employed by the British government as a doctor and medical researcher. Employed to work on numerous top secret projects, Wesley saw both the good and the evil within man.

A series of events led to Wesley’s eventual split from the British government. He eventually settled in Unity City, where he now works as a local representative for the CDC.


-An Uneasy Visit

Wesley received a call on his emergency phone from an old acquantince, one of the 13 Spectres of London Town. One of only two known survivors. Blake Hetchings is on his way to Unity City.

Wesley Chapman

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