Yasei Hanekaeru (Wild Ricochet)

Support-esque Superhero Based on Kuroko from Kuroko No Basket


2. What’s your real name?

What did your parents call you? Atsushi Taiki (Atsu)

3. Do you have an Alternate Identity? Or do you isolate yourself completely when you’re not stalking the streets?

Yes, Atsushi is a famous basketball duo with (Shane’s Character). Basketball has assisted with the refinement of Atsushi’s powers and allows him to exert more control over his once previously wild power.

4. What’s your power(s)?

Being able to bend and warp space to his will, Atsushi has served strongly as an augmentation of the powers of his teammates, allowing for attacks at unusual angles, and a strong defense in the deflection of oncoming attacks. More recently, his complacent lifestyle with Shou has forced him to become more subtle in his power usage as well as being able to more precisely exert his influence on smaller areas and objects. (Specifically the core is Spatial Control- Portal: Deflection, Teleportation, Speed)

5. How did you get it? Did you become a Meta-Human with the Cosmic Solution? Maybe you seem to just have strange Magical powers? Or perhaps your powers come from the stars, some far off Alien patron saw fit to imbue you with powers far beyond those of your fellow humans?

Long story short, roped into a conflict during a fight of the Gotenno versus (placeholder), a fragment of each of the powers infused into Atsu’s body and gave him powers that ultimately augmented the abilities of the 5 members.

6. How do you feel about your powers? Do you see them as a blessing to help the defenseless, or do you lead a tortured existence of self-hatred?

Although Atsu does not allow his power to define himself, he is both extremely proficient and unafraid of using his abilities when the need arises. Additionally, although he holds a strong moral dedication towards protection of the innocent and justice, he believes individual judgment reigns supreme as each situation warrants personal weighing rather than under the jurisdiction of the SS. This is premised under the idea that as long as they are distinguished or perceived as controlled by a higher council that meta-humans will always be thought of as implicitly needing a restraining force, suggesting that mutants and meta-humans are implicitly tainted by their powers (Atsu wants to quell this belief).

7. If you have an Alternate Identity what’s it like? If you have some other arrangement, how do you come by what you need to operate as a Super Hero? Explain your non-hero lives?

A relatively unnoticed and quiet individual, Atsu is a short, meek and generally calm spirited individual who generally seeks to subvert confrontation rather than face it head on. Not necessarily a strategist, Atsu simply believes in the moral road less traveled aligning with his aforementioned beliefs. He is, however, strongly swayed to action when in direct confrontation with a situation that presents the antithesis to his belief or an amoral situation (exacerbated when involving those who he considers friends). As such, Atsu is mostly a kind and amiable character, but is a fiery force to deal with when severely crossed.

8. Have you pledged allegiance to something?(Page 118 Mutants and Masterminds)

Although most of the books definitions seem to offer one belief or another, Atsu’s is more of a mix of justice and morality, a sort of Neutral Good belief.

9. What’s your character’s motivation for being a SuperHero? Why do you help those in need? Or is it purely revenge driven?

Atsu’s motivation is his aforementioned belief to use his powers for good and show that powers aren’t necessarily associated with corruption. This stems mainly from the betrayal felt in the other 4 members of the team turning on them in their desire for control and power. The faint hope also still remains that eventually, in confronting the other previous 4 members, that he will be able to show them the error of their ways and bring them back to heroism rather than villainy (vigilantes).

10. Add a hook. It helps when you give me something left intentionally vague or unresolved. (This allows me to fill in the blanks with things from my world, and create a very cool story, a little RP goes a long way. For instance maybe your father was killed ‘under mysterious circumstances’ and leave it at that, that would not only give your character the depth of hunting for his father’s killer, but also allows me to possibly create an entire arc about your father’s killer.)

Because Shou originally derives from a team of 5, this leaves 4 remaining members that ultimately know who we are and are infuriated at our perceived unwillingness to help them in their pursuit to do anything to gain recognition and rise to power. Unwilling to trust one another, the four has inevitably split and no longer function as a team. It is Atsu’s and Shane’s hope that we will be able to convert them back to heroism or at least stop their efforts.

Disregard Below—-Instead Refer To Backstory Listed on Shou’s Character. This is outdated——

Overarching Backstory:
Superheroes in Japan, (Group of 5) were attempting to stake their claim as heroes to the SS. They are fighting __________, who is attempting to steal their powers and consolidate them to fuel the creation of a cosmic solution. However, by chance, the transfer is not whole and the means extracting their powers infuses partially into Atsu, who attempting to help (Shane) saves his life and realizes his power. As such, the fight finally tips in their favor as Atsu and the group collaborates to beat __________.

With their newfound ally, the group gains strength and notoriety that eventually gets them noticed by the SS. However, their success makes the group haughty and turmoil racks the group as they all individually strive to ascend to the SS, and as such trust one another less which begins breaking the group apart. The final turning point, the other 4 members of the group conspire to ensure all their ascensions by either forcibly attaining the positions or turning to villainy. Failing in attempts to resist them, Atsu exhausts himself to teleport them to the only place they can be safe, NY. Following this, Shane’s character cares for Atsu as they adapt to a life without (or with the subtle use of power). Finding the same joy of teamwork in basketball, however, they soon find a means of passing the time as they live their lives on the street. Paralleling their subsequent rise in the American sport, Atsu begins to refine his power, increasing his precision and subtlety of employment but conversely, Shane eventually grows tired of their life of luxury and yearns to brawl once again.

Yasei Hanekaeru (Wild Ricochet)

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