Tag: Villain


  • Gun Metal

    _"In war, who really pays the price? Is it the government who shills out the coin that pays for the guns and bullets and tanks? No. They’re just footing the bills. How ‘bout those who die in the conflict on either sides? Nah. What do they care, they’re …

  • Event Horizon

    Alias: Vernon Bates Super-genius. Double Major: Astrophysics and Engineering. One-time roommate of Tommy Kim, the future Star Forge

  • Doctor Malady

    h3. C.A.P.E. Meta-Human Database: >Inquiry: Doctor Malady > >Error: Database Incomplete >Key files missing/corrupted > > >Administrator Message: > ##I don't know who you are, but you've searched the database on Doctor Malady. Take my advise, if …