A Malign Intent

“Humans often struggle with the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ For me that answer is no mystery. My purpose is known. The question that remains is the intent behind my purpose.”-Seraph

A Holy Day – Seraph completes the gate to the Cloister on a sacred day, according to his internal calendars. Upon returning to the Cloister the Heroes of Omega discover a previously unknown prisoner has escaped the containment cells and has traveled to Earth. The question is who… or what… escaped?

To answer that question, flash back to the glory and hair of 1986. Kojiki Enterprises has hired the infamous ‘Talent Scout’ to assemble a team of experts to hunt down a prototype weapon the Mutants seem to have developed. However once the team clears out the Mutants, they learn the ‘weapon’ is in fact an android called the ‘Metallic Mercenary’ a predecessor to Seraph.

A Chosen People

A Righteous Crusade

A Cruel Creation

An Intelligent Design

A Malign Intent

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