Character Questionaire

Yes I do expect a level of Role Play with this game, the important thing to remember is while this is a very realistic take on a comic book world, it is still at its heart a comic book world. That makes things in this world just a bit comic-ey so the normal troupes that you can get away with in comic books you can most likely get away with in Tin Gods. That said I do want thought put into the transition from normal individual to Meta-Human Super Hero.

Below you will find a list of questions. I want every player to know the answer to these questions, and be able to articulate them to me if I ask. If a player wishes to earn an extra Hero Point (and likely a plot line that focuses on you) take the time to answer each of the questions in a word document and post it in your Player Secrets section of your online character page so that I can read it. I do this because I want to instill the game with an atmosphere of RP, also the more depth there is to your character the more I can build the game specifically around the individual players and not just a generic map to throw you in. Once again, even if you don’t post the character questionnaire to your Character’s page, you should be able to know the question well enough that you could answer a few questions about your character.

1. What your SuperHero name?
2. What’s your real name? What did your parents call you?
3. Do you have an Alternate Identity? Or do you isolate yourself completely when you’re not stalking the streets?
4. What’s your power(s)?
5. How did you get it? Did you become a Meta-Human with the Cosmic Solution? Maybe you seem to just have strange Magical powers? Or perhaps your powers come from the stars, some far off Alien patron saw fit to imbue you with powers far beyond those of your fellow humans?
6. How do you feel about your powers? Do you see them as a blessing to help the defenseless, or do you lead a tortured existence of self-hatred?
7. If you have an Alternate Identity what’s it like? If you have some other arrangement, how do you come by what you need to operate as a Super Hero? Explain your non-hero lives?
8. Have you pledged allegiance to something?(Page 118 Mutants and Masterminds)
9. What’s your character’s motivation for being a SuperHero? Why do you help those in need? Or is it purely revenge driven?
10. Add a hook. It helps when you give me something left intentionally vague or unresolved. (This allows me to fill in the blanks with things from my world, and create a very cool story, a little RP goes a long way. For instance maybe your father was killed ‘under mysterious circumstances’ and leave it at that, that would not only give your character the depth of hunting for his father’s killer, but also allows me to possibly create an entire arc about your father’s killer.)

Additionally if you want a picture of your character, but aren’t gifted with artistry never fear! The Hero Generator 3 is here to save you! I’ve used the Hero Generator 2 in the past and I gotta say this version is amazing, try it out!

I do not want these in an email, or over Facebook. Do this and I will not read them, I come to Obsidian Portal when I’m writing this game, I want it all in one place. Make a character page, and post this in the player secrets, you only receive your extra character point if you do that specifically.

(And regardless you should make a Character page, I want to make maximum use of Obsidian Portal for this game.)

Character Questionaire

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