Cosmic Solution

A Brief Overview

There are few who can deny the profound impact the Cosmic Solution has had in shaping the world into the one we know today. Some theorize that if it weren’t for the Cosmic Solution we would have never survived the Alien Invasion of the 90s. While there are few who can deny that fact, many feel that the rise of the Meta-Humans during the 1900s, in particular the Meta Influx that kicked off the Second Age of Heroes, has lead to a world to being ruled by an oligarchy of the Meta-Elite. However no matter what your view on Meta-Humans themselves one fact is clear, Nikola Tesla changed the world in ways no one could have foreseen when he discovered the Cosmic Solution. While many Meta-Humans exist today who were never exposed to the Cosmic Solution, it still is responsible for most Meta-Humans in the world, with Mutants as a close second (although most of those are in Ashita City).

The Science Behind the Miracle

The Cosmic Solution has often been called “Simplistically Brilliant”, while the fundamentals are relatively easy to understand for scientists, the more in depth detail of the formula are difficult to get a grasp on. It is a well known fact that even today we’re still discovering new secrets from this mathematical equation.

While it is unclear just how deep an understanding Nikola Tesla had of the Cosmic Solution, as science has advanced around the Cosmic Solution a more firm grasp of its functions have come about. The Quantum Theory in particular has offered the greatest insight into Tesla’s formula. To put it as Tesla wrote in his notes in: “The Cosmic Solution reduces the variable range of probability, while increasing the variable range of possibility, to produce the most Dynamic result allowable in our Universe.”

The Major Downside to the Cosmic Solution is its fatality rate. Perhaps the best know example of this downside is the Meta-Human Program in WWI which famously had a one in three fatality rate. It does seem that the strength of Meta-Human after transformation is proportional to the fatality rate, some scientists have hypothesized that the quantum nature of the formula might be responsible for this. As the strength of the powers granted to the individual increases; the likelihood of such powers existing decreases. resulting in a rising number of realities that do not contain the improbable power. By this logic the number of realities where the individual does not survive the introduction of the Cosmic Solution becomes proportionally bigger when compared to the dropping number of likely scenarios where the powers manifest.

Cosmic Solution

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