The Second Age of Heroes


The Great Meta-Influx

While none can deny that the number of Meta-Humans began to increase at the rise of the 21st century due to the rise in availability of the Cosmic Solution, the rapid rise in the number of Super Heroes however, is a hotly debated topic. Many attribute the rapid increase in heroes on President Martin Leiber. Leiber was elected mainly because of the key role he played planning the defense of Unity city during the Arachnari Invasion. Martin Leiber was carried into office without a party thanks to his war hero history, and was able to snatch the honor of being the first Independent President. A popular president, Leiber threw his considerable political clout behind the rising fad of Super Heroes.

It is true that his Presidency is marked with huge increases in C.A.P.E.‘s budget, and while he didn’t make C.A.P.E.’s affairs transparent he can at least be credited for bringing C.A.P.E. as an organization more into the national spotlight. With C.A.P.E. more susceptible to the will of the public, Super Heroes were able to operate more freely. By 2005 there was estimated to be at least 15 Super Heroes in each major city in the United States, and on average 5 Super Heroes in major cities in the rest of the world. Officials are still not sure on the exact number of Meta-Humans in the world due largely to the significant population of Meta-Humans who keep their abilities a secret.

It would not be long before the attraction of the Super Hero Fad wore off…

Growing Tension

By 2005 Super Heroes had become basic knowledge, not a marvel anymore but an accepted fact. After the shine wore off, people started to regard Super Heroes with almost the same mix of worshipful fanaticism and seething hatred normally reserved for celebrities. With Super Heroes now under the microscope of public fascination, it was not long before videos of Heroes making comical mistakes began to surge on the internet. Soon videos began to surface of Super Heroes being careless or unintentionally injuring bystander. The thought had seeded in the public psyche: Super Heroes can make mistakes…


Separate from the rising distrust in Super Heroes, tensions were rising between many countries in the middle east, and the League of Nations, or more specifically the western powers swaying the vote of the League. This lead to an invasion of several key countries in the middle east. League of Nation troops were deployed to these so-called ‘Rogue States’, to ensure the League stayed intact. The troops were met with local resistance, ranging from rocks being hurled at soldiers, to coordinated hit-and-run tactics on supply caravans.

Although certainly not welcomed by the League of Nations, these actions were tolerable, and cooler heads kept things from escalating farther. That all changed when a Meta-Human going by the name of Sandstorm began attacking the troops. A hero to some, a villain to others, Sandstorm began to repel the efforts of the League of Nations. It was not long before the League of Nations turned

The Second Age of Heroes

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