World War I

A World on the Brink

In the 19th Century, the major European powers had established a means of maintaining a balance of power throughout Europe, the result was a complex network of political and military alliances throughout the continent by 1900. However in spite of this, the world was under the constant threat of war. Brinksmanship tactics in Diplomacy had become common place, and the whole continent was a powder keg just waiting for the first match to set it off.

On 28 June 1914 that match came, Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb student and member of Young Bosnia, assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This set off a chain reaction that led to the start of one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.

America’s Introduction to the War

At the outbreak of the war, the United States pursued a policy of non-intervention, avoiding conflict while trying to broker a peace. When a German U-boat sank the British liner RMS Lusitania on 7 May 1915 with 128 Americans among the dead, it eventually proved to be too much for the American People to tolerate. It was not long before the US drafted approximately 2.8 million soldiers and joined the conflict in full.

APCA’s Involvement

As the war raged on, President Woodrow Wilson soon saw the problem with the new Trench Warfare that seemed to be the staple of this war. It caused nothing but stalemates, with each side losing massive numbers of soldiers. Wilson began searching for new weapons and options to give America the edge in the war, and not fall into the same trap that most of Europe seemed to.

The idea came to him from an internal document from the Alien Property Custodial Agency, the document was a request for orders concerning the rather extensive amount of research confiscated from Nikola Tesla seventeen years earlier, which had up until now had been collecting dust in a warehouse. This gave Wilson an idea, to expand on Nikola Tesla’s work in an attempt to recreate the circumstances that lead to the strange powers Tesla seemed to have received. It was not long before America’s Top Scientist were working on Project 244 or as it later became known: The Trench Warrior Initiative.

The Trench Warrior

The exact circumstances were easy enough to find within Tesla’s notes, the key element seemed to be The Cosmic Solution. It proved simple enough to produce a serum similar to the one Tesla used on himself. Although seemingly not as potent as the ex-inventor’s version, it still enhanced subject’s physical capabilities substantially. Additionally it made them more resistant to injury, some calibers when shot from long distance seemed to bounce off the subjects’ skin.

The one major downside seemed to be it had a one in three mortality rate. This almost killed the project in the early stages. However Dr. Goodman, the Surgeon General, who was a strong supporter of Project 244, rationalized it to Wilson Woodrow by saying that one in three was a better mortality rate then trench warfare, which was estimated to be about fifty percent. This comment lead to “Better than the Trenches” propaganda campaign. Which shouted various slogan across patriotic images in an attempt to rally subjects for the program, such slogans as “Better chance than being shot at!” and “Rather Die at Home, Than Die in a Trench!”

Any man under the age of 20 who had been drafted could choose to instead go through the Meta-Human Program. The Meta-Human Program is of course the famous (or possibly infamous) program that brought Meta-Human’s into our world, and it is in fact the first recorded use of the term Meta-Human. The program was a huge success, in fact, Doctor Goodman (who had been assigned sole responsibility for the Meta-Human Program) had received so many applicants that he actually had to turn away two out of every three applicants. In the program’s later days, he began to try and select candidates based on past survivors of the Cosmic Solution, in an attempt to raise the chance of survival. But he was unsuccessful, to this day no recognizable pattern has emerged on who survives the Cosmic Solution.

The Trinity

The story of the Trinity is a story well known among the espionage world, and many Super Heroes praise the feats accomplished by the Trinity. It all started when a Japanese spy was deployed to America to learn what exactly what the Meta-Human Program was doing. While the campaign to implement the Cosmic Solution on a large scale was public in at least the propaganda side of things. The Program itself and the end goal was incredibly secretive. All requests for more information sent by other countries within the Alliance had been met with evasions and silence. Japan had been long suspicious of America, largely due to conflicts of interest and resentment towards America’s imperialistic actions in the Pacific, so it did not take much to push the Emperor into sending a spy, Code name: Tsuru. The Japanese spy was simply supposed to establish contact with an informant in the army, and act as liaison back to Japan for any information the informant could dig up about the Meta-Human Program.

Likely Tsuru would have never reported anything useful back to the Emperor, unless fate hadn’t decided to place a well known thief just down the road from Tsuru. The thief, who had earned himself the nickname of Myshi from his home country Russia, had escaped Tsuru several years ago when he had stolen one of the treasures of Japan. When Tsuru recognized Myshi, she realized that if she acted in that moment she would have a chance at recovering one of the greatest cultural icons of Japan. If she waited for orders Myshi might slip through her fingers, again. So she made the choice and apprehended him, smuggling him back to her safe house so that Tsuru could store him until she heard word from the Emperor.

Meanwhile MI-5 had received a report that a Japanese spy and a Russian Thief were doing in Unity City. Not wishing to cause an incident, they did however reach out to a British Combat Engineer who was currently residing in Unity City as a Guest Instructor at an American Officer Academy. This was accomplished via a letter from the Queen urging his investigation in the matter, and to act in the interest of Great Britain. The Old Lion, as he is referred to by MI-5, was honored by the missive from the Queen and began in his off hours following Tsuru.

This eventually lead to the Lion discovering Tsuru’s safe house and finding a tied and helpless Myshi. Tsuru however was not absent from her safe house when the lion investigated, and the resulting confrontation could have ended the Trinity right there. However Tsuru saw sense and disobeyed her orders to inform the Lion why she was here. As Tsuru filled the Lion in on what she knew of the Meta-Human Program, slowly the Lion became convinced that England needed to know more about this program.

Myshi who had been listening to the entire thing tied up in a corner, tried to strike a bargain with the two soldiers, he proposed that the three of them form an alliance to infiltrate a facility that the Meta-Human Program operated out of, the Old Lion and Tsuru could report back to their governments, and Myshi would gain his freedom and be permitted to share any information with his home country of Russia (for a price). Warily, Tsuru and the Old Lion agreed to the proposition, operating under the assumption that whatever America was hiding was big. They named the mission, Operation: Trinity.

Although the exact details of the plan are classified, rumors and legends are common through out the world. Tales tell of sneaking past Trench Warriors who had senses far beyond normal humans. Of going one on one with a Meta-Human and quietly taking them out. Although the stories differ they are all incredible to believe, for years to come this would become a rallying point for detractors of Meta-Humans. Proof that Humans could stand up to Meta-Humans and come out on top.

What the Trinity learned at the facility only confirmed suspicions and rumors, America was building a Meta-Human Army. It became obvious to the three of them, that they had just done something big, much bigger then themselves. They decided to each come clean of this together and to all three governments at once. Needless to say all three countries were in an out roar, it was not long before President Woodrow Wilson received a demand to a meeting at the League of Nations. Wilson was backed into a corner by three allies America was forced to share the Cosmic Solution with the three countries who had first learned about it. This treaty was named the Trinity Agreement.

The Conclusion to the War

With the reveal of the Meta-Human Trench Warriors, the tides of battle soon swung in favor of America and her Allies. Elite squads of Trench Warriors would sometimes manage to successfully take miles of land in single operations, where as before mere yards were often celebrated. Great Britain, Russia, and Japan experimented with a few Trench Warriors before the war came to a close, however they raised nothing near an army. It was not long before Germany and its allies surrendered and the war was Concluded.

World War I

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