The ever-changing spy.


Powers come from two devices

  1. A stealth suit with Concealment 6 (blending, passive, close range), Protection 5, Enhanced Will 6, Morph 2(allows the device itself to change forms)
  2. A weapon with a Mimic 16 (all traits except powers, Selective, Limited 2[dead targets only, does not copy powers], Full Round Action, Side Effect (Stun 4), Permanent) and a Strike 6 (Accurate 2, Subtle, Precise, alternate power Blast 6 (unreliable(5 shots before recharge), accurate 2, subtle, precise).

Feats are Improved Critical 5, Evasion 2, Attack Focus(Melee), Jack-of-all-trades, Hide in plain sight, Dodge Focus 5.

Skills are primarily in Bluff, Notice, Stealth, Sense Motive, and Knowledge(Current Events).

Fort and Reflex are at 4, Will is at 11 counting Enhanced Will, Toughness is 6 due to Protection on suit.


Soon to come. For now, see the forum entry.


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