Tin Gods

Hazard's Log 2
Burning Stress

“Pentagrams, moon cycles, incantations, rites, offerings…fuck this!” A heavy tome, flies across the room, slamming into the poorly built wall of the shoddy apartment, leaving an indent where it had hit. Matt Havok sits on the untidy bed, blood stained papers and ashes laid out all over the covers. The floor is littered in empty bottles, mostly beer, but the occasional bottle of Jack can be spotted amongst the sea of brown and green glass. He lays his back against the wall and exhales deeply, reaching into his pocket and producing a cigarette, slightly bent out of shape from rolling around in the pocket for what could have been days. The thinly wrapped tobacco touches his lips as Hazard snaps his fingers, burning away half of the unfortunate cigarette in an instant as he looks down at it with disgust.

His hand trembles as he looks down at it, his mind flashing back over the recent events. The face of the thug he stopped not a week ago, charred, burnt to a crisp, still alive though but…sometimes dead is better. “He deserved it…” He mutters to himself, after all, anyone who would pull a gun on a mother and her child deserved to have seventy percent of his body coated in burns. The screams were the worst part, not the thug’s but the mother’s as she clutched her child and shielded him from the burst of fire that engulfed the offender, sputtering off his body as he writhed. The smoke travels down Matt’s throat, filling his lungs with that all too familiar taste of smoke and ash as his mind continues to wander, recalling the hellish screams of Tiburon’s cohorts as the flesh melted from their bones, leaving nothing but piles of ash in the wake of the fiery explosion that spanned a hundred foot radius in the outskirts of Unity High. “They were killing people…” coughed Matt, “Setting off bombs, shooting, killing…to find me. Well they got what they came for I guess.” His hand still trembling slightly as the sound of their screams echoed in his mind along with the screams of everyone else consumed by those wretched flames, two more voices to join in the perpetual cacophony that rings day and night within his head.

The wave of thoughts rushed onward as Matt’s hand grew even more unsteady, nearly dropping the cigarette as the memory of that sickening, horrible feeling entered his mind. Suddenly, he was there again, the robot let out it’s annoying, ear-piercing shriek, the disorientation was there along with a surge of anger, boiling as he found his footing, eyes ablaze with the determination to blow the pile of circuits to scrap. The fire burned inside of him and his rage began to consume him, the flames sputtering out of his body as his stomach turned and his vision became clouded in a red veil, “It could’ve been bad, real bad…” People had run out of their homes and onto the streets from the sound of earlier explosions, none close enough to see the raging, flaming mess, struggling to compose himself but, “They could’ve been hurt, they could’ve all been gone. innocent people.” contemplated Matt as the palm of his hand pressed against his forehead and ran down his face, the cigarette out and smoked to the filter. He remembers the rage and the vomiting feeling being almost too much but then it stopped, subsided, a little more quickly than usual. For a second he thought he had suppressed it as he had done many a time before but no, for when he got up he was greeted with the somewhat angelic figure of Nimrod.

Matt violently punches the wall behind him, “Pff as if I needed Moron’s help, bastard.” but then he remembered Nimrod’s words as the hunter conjured the thick tomes, “Dark one, you have a responsibility to yourself and those you seek to protect, to learn to control the powers raging inside you.” Matt slumps down in his bed recalling those words, his grandfather’s words, “You can’t let it control you Matt, if you let it control you you let it destroy everyone and everything you’re trying to protect.” and his father’s drunken words, “If it weren’t for you your mother would’ve still been around, you know? Ya little punk.” He sat there for a moment, thoughts raging in his head as his body suddenly engulfed in flames, an aura of fire involuntarily sprouting up around him, his eyes burning red, “No…” he utters quietly as the flames dissipate almost as quickly as they appeared. Matt plants his feet on the floor as he gets up off the bed and makes his way across the room, stepping over the clutter of glass bottles, ignoring them as they splinter and cut his feet, walking towards the heavy tome resting against the wall.

Matt bends down and firmly grasps it in his hand, bring it up and popping it open as his memory flashes back to the night before, a shrouded figure slitting his hand as his blood takes the shape of a mutilated cherub, his face covered by a Janus (Comedy/Tragedy) mask, Quarantine slashing Wild Ricochet with a blade of blood, blurred vision and babbling, confusion as the group’s minds were rattled by the masked figure. Matt picks up a bottle of Jack from among the remains of glass, gripping his tome angrily as his eyes light aflame, chugging down half a pint’s worth of whiskey before angrily muttering, “Hearth.” At that he throws the bottle across the room, shaping his fingers into the shape of a gun aimed at the hurling bottle, “Bang!” the bottle shatters instantly in a small explosion of fire as Matt smirks and flips to the next page of the tome.

Hazard's Log
New Annoyances

Started out like a good day. I got some food, fixed up the bike, hell I even did something useful and caught another scumbag pickpocket. Its kinda funny, I had just finished munching down a pack of Jolly Ranchers so as I was beating his face in I wondered how much it must suck for him to not have any usable teeth anymore. Maybe he choked on a few of them when I left him in the alley. I was kinda worried I’d killed him, he wasn’t moving for a bit and his face is, well…let’s just say he’s gonna be looking like a stranger in his own mother’s house from now on. His jacket fit me though, but I left the stolen wallets at the station, no problem.


Like I said, started out like a good day, then things got annoying. I got a real bad feeling in my stomach and it lead me to Jersey, big surprise. Followed it into some odd hideout, the cowards had to hide behind a few doors and to make this even more bothersome, some joker in a mask dropped out of the ceiling and just happened to land on me. Bastard brought a nice flood with him too, almost filled up the room. In the end he managed to stop being useless just long enough to dive underwater and open the safety hatch. As the water drained out of the room I realized I was stuck with this moron so I let him tag along.


You’d think having one nuisance along with me would be trouble enough but then when we got into the main chamber of the hideout we were joined by two more losers. Anyway, I didn’t pay much attention to them since my gut started aching about the item being surgically implanted into some geezer on the operating table. The doc next to him seemed to be responsible, he went on a little rant and unleashed some bots all over the place. Jackass with the mask nearly died, think his name was Quarantine. Whatever I knew he was going to be a bother. I almost felt bad for him when I decided to send an explosion throughout the room to turn the robots into scrap, but hey he lived clap clap. I thought we were gonna have a problem when the doc disassembled and took control of the kid, but we took care of it without me having to light them both up. In the end Doc got away and the old man on the table turned into some sorta monster. I was ready to torch the thing but next thing I knew, we were ported out of there to Central Park’s basketball courts.


Of course I left my bike in Jersey, and as we chased down the monster the tall prick decided to get a head start. I was stuck on foot and waiting for Quarantine and whats his face to finish fiddling with some oil tanker in the back. I wasn’t really paying attention, I just remember being kinda mad about not having my bike around and being to far away to set that monstrosity on fire. Anyway, the two idiots finished up and looks like they saved someone from the crashed tanker, guess they were doing something useful after all. Its probably for the best that I stayed away from there, if these damn flames decided to burst out randomly it could’ve been ugly.


The twerp finally ported us to the monster and his butt buddy was already having a whack at him. Couldn’t let him have all the fun so I made the giant bastard a bit crispier. No civilians nearby, no tankers or gas stations, so no unfortunate surprises this time. Really, I was kinda proud of myself for a bit, my powers didn’t seem to flare up much today and I’m really surprised I didn’t randomly hit one of the new jerks while blasting that thing.


After the fight, some assholes from C.A.P.E. arrived and took the monster away. After all that effort those pricks are just gonna roll in and take it away? I got a real bad feeling from whatever they implanted into that thing, an otherworldly feeling. But hey, a twist! That wasn’t really C.A.P.E. apparently and when the real guys showed up they weren’t too happy about what went down. The look on the guy’s face was priceless, he looked like a tomato ready to burst, man was he angry. “Nobody impersonates C.A.P.E.!” blah blah Haha. Then the jackass has the gall to ask us to find out whats going on and says to consider ourselves a team. A fuckin’ team can ya believe that? Whatever, I wanna know what that thing was and where it went so as far as I’m concerned these kids just better not get in my way. For their own sake…its been building up and as I speak my left hand is shaking. Its that feeling again, that feeling like something is going down whether I want it to or not.

Honor's Journal - 5147 (Part 2)
Quis custodiet ipsos custodies

After being given our test assignment from the Savior Society to apprehend the super villain by the name Geovanni Reginald, code named Geode, my new acquaintances, Starforge, Delphi, and The Flying Fist, and I decided to make an attempt to contact Geode’s sister. Something about the warrant for his arrest seemed a little bland for someone to be called a “Super Villain,” as the only thing of note was the throwing of a bus, and we wished to investigate his arrest more thoroughly before we consigned him to a cell in some undisclosed location. We waited until she left the house and approached her out in the open near her apartment, not wanting to appear that we were threatening her or her family. We made it clear that we wished to speak with Geode. After some coaxing, she gave us a location where he would be hiding out.

We headed to the location, a construction site halted mid-build. We planned that Delphi would approach Geode on her own, but he told the rest of us to enter as well. After we attempted to convince him to turn himself in and receive a fair trial, he expressed a… let’s call it a lack of desire to cooperate. He attempted to ambush us, having preset this location with his sister as a place where his powers would be most capable. After a short scuffle, he escaped through the floor. We made chase but lost his trail. Downcast, we called off the search for the night and made our way back to our respective places of refuge to recover, planning to meet at Café Joe’s in the morning. At home, I found a message on my answering machine from my chemical supplier asking me about my uses for the chemicals that I had purchased: a hindrance but one that I can handle.

We met the next morning at Café Joe’s and decided, after some debate, to visit Geode’s aunt, to see if we could maybe find another lead. We waited outside of their apartment for his sister to leave and knocked very politely on her door and she invited us in to talk about her nephew. Through our conversation with the senile old woman, we found 2 leads as to his potential whereabouts: a man named David and a warehouse on the docks. We decided to split up; Delphi and the Flying Fist would make a sweep for the warehouse while Starforge and I would search out David.

Our search for David led us to a camp in the forest north of the city where we knew he worked. When we arrived, an old groundskeeper met with us and gave up David’s number (personal note: suspicious, investigate further). We used the White Pages and found his address so that we could contact him in person. As we were making our way back to the city, Delphi sent us a mental message (?) that she had found Geode’s location. We met her on the dock and she went in alone again while we prepared to take action if necessary. She convinced Geode to come quietly and he told us his story of how he had been investigating a man by the name of Swift when he was marked as a super villain and sent into hiding. He gave us a Cubix on Swift and handed himself into our custody. We decided to have him do some public services which we would attempt to popularize while we tried to pull all of the strings we had in order to have C.A.P.E. use him for the good of the public. Finally, we grudgingly turned him in to C.A.P.E.

The next morning we found that all the work we had done for Geode had had no effect and that his works went unnoticed. I decided to still seek out David. I told him of Geode’s plight and he told me that his brother had been on the bus that Geode thrown. He had no sympathy for Geode and I left and joined the rest of the team on top of Justice Hall for our assessment by the Society.

We were teleported to their secret moon base and told with much pomp and circumstance that who you know is far more important than who you are or what you believe in. Delphi made a scene and we were “politely” escorted off of their base. When we returned to Justice Hall, Nimrod informed us of that not all of the members of the Savior Society are opposed to our way of thinking and gave us a gold communicator, though without instructions of when we should use it. The Flying Fist told us that since we had not been inducted into the Society that it was time for him to give up the mask, though he gave us his number in case of emergency (there is not giving up the mask, just putting it away). There is some corruption in C.A.P.E. and the Society and the emergency may be closer than we fear. I get the feeling that we are the only ones in a place to investigate. For who watches the watchmen.

Starforge's Log
Episode 4: A New Hope

I can’t believe it….

I mean, I feel like I should be jumping up and down on my bed like a preteen girl invited to a Beibertron concert but honestly… I just feel numb. Terrified, really.

Guess I should get to the point: I have an opportunity to join the Savior Society.

You know, the thing I’ve been fantasizing about since they formed it? I remember reading Paradigm #4 when it first hit the stands. In the last pages of him standing over the wreckage of the secret cultist temple and declaring “The world needs to be saved… but not even I can save it alone.” and feeling my heart beat faster as I realized the implications. The greatest heroes the world has ever known, working together to save us all. Even though I had no idea that I’d grow up to be a hero, I wanted so hard to be at Paradigm’s side. But now that its here…

I have to wonder again if Vern was right. Am I really worthy of… any of this?

I’ll start at the beginning.

As you know, I’ve been spending a lot of time busting up a gun ring in Gannoth, keeping the weapons off the streets. Its good work. Not terribly challenging, but after Vern went Event Horizon and threatened to destroy the city unless I gave him my powers, I figured I deserved a break from the Super Villains of the area. Get in, beat the bad guys, call the cops, get out in time to catch six hours of sleep before class tomorrow.

But this time was different.

For one thing, there were hostages. I dropped right in on them, which was lucky. I freed them. Though one of the thugs almost managed to alert the others, I managed to pin him well enough.

But that’s where things got weird. As I went into the next room, I saw a woman wearing a cloak. She seemed to be a Hero too, but wasn’t particularly talkative

Then… the idiot showed up.

I had created a perfectly good, perfectly repairable hole in the wall. And he had to crash through and make his own. But he seemed pretty strong, so there’s that. We made short work of the thugs. And quickly found out that an old timer had beat us all there: the Flying Fist.

I could never really get into his title. I mean, its kinda a cool concept but its also… just a little creepy. I mean. His fists literally fly. On their own. and you can see the meat and bone and euhgh…..

It was about that time that the big league heroes started showing up…

(To Be Continued)


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