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Crazed ‘Electric’ Scientist,
Taken Down By Modern Marvel

March 14, 1900

For well known inventor and entrepreneur Thomas Edison, it was a normal Monday evening on the night of March 12, 1900. In no way could he have anticipated the storm headed his way, quite literally! For unbeknownst to the famous inventor, a rival scientist and inventor was hunting Edison down seeking revenge for as of yet undiscovered slights.

Thomas Edison, renowned inventor, is famous for inventing such modern day conveniences as the phonograph, and the modern telegraph. Thomas Edison lives in a small community known as Llewellyn Park in New Jersey just twelve miles from the great metropolis Unity City. An outstanding member of society, Thomas Edison is well known for being a savvy businessman as well, the famous ‘invention factory’ has churned out nearly 200 patents in under two years.

However all the business savvy in the world could not prepare Edison for what was coming. Unknown to Edison an old colleague was approaching with thoughts of violence on his mind. Nikola Tesla, is said to be a fellow inventor of Edison. Llewellyn Sheriff, Jack Doughtery has confirmed that Tesla was an employee of Edison. Inquiries to the patent office reveal that after Tesla left Edison’s employ he began submitting his own patents, some of them in direct competition with those made by Edison’s Company. There are some reports that their relationship was confrontational, although details are not yet known.

However here is where our story departs a simple case of a rivalry gone awry, and crosses into the strange and almost unbelievable. For, according to eye witness accounts which were confirmed by police report, Tesla used ‘strange powers’ to attack Thomas Edison. Exhibiting what can only be described as control over electricity. Many thought a Lightning Storm was gracing Llewellyn Park when Tesla came to Edison’s home with thoughts of murder on his mind.

And many eye-witnesses suspect that the renowned inventor would have met his untimely end if it weren’t for the intervention of a mysterious protector. Details have been slow coming from the Sheriff’s Office but it seems there was a second individual with extraordinary powers on the scene. Mrs. Belle, Thomas Edison’s maid swears the man flew around with some kind of rocket strapped to his back. If that wasn’t odd enough, she swore the man wore armor of some kind although nothing like the armor the Knights of Camelot wore. It seemed to be composed of copper, and strange whirring sounds emanated from within along with a perpetual humming sound. Although the helm the man wore prevented Edison from seeing his rescuer, a confirmed tip has revealed that this Modern Marvel saved Thomas Edison’s life. Edison claimed that his rescuer had some strange kind of pistol that shot beams of light, the masked man called a ‘teleforce’.

But just as we answer the question of what exactly happened in Llewellyn Park, Monday evening of 12th of March. We are faced with dozens more, Who was the Modern Marvel? How did he come by such strange weapons and contraptions? How did Nikola Tesla gain his strange powers? Keep your eyes glued to the post stands as we unravel this story. (Edward Eddington)

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